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Medical Plan

To fit your specific needs, your benefit package provides you with three options in medical plans. The plan with the lowest deductible has the highest payroll deduction. The plan with the highest deductible has the lowest payroll deduction. And the other plan falls in between in costs. All plans cover the same services, just with different copayments and deductibles that apply.

It’s up to you to take advantage of everything your health plan offers. To choose the plan that is right for you ask yourself the questions that will help you assess your needs. Think about the ways you use healthcare, the medical needs you can foresee, and how you can balance cost and coverage.

Dental Coverage

With Delta Dental of Missouri, you can receive care from any dentist. However, Delta Dental has contracts with a large network of dentists who have agreed not to charge more than a specified amount for particular services. If you use one of these network dentists, you won’t have to worry about being charged for additional amounts above the allowable amount covered by the plan.

Vision Coverage

Your Company offers you vision coverage through Vision Service Plan or VSP. No member cards are needed with the VSP plan. You may receive care from any vision care provider. However, VSP has an extensive nationwide network of doctors who provide eye care and eye wear. When you receive care through these vision care providers, you simply pay the appropriate co-payment. If you visit an out-of-network provider, be aware that your out-of-network benefits do not guarantee full payment.

Vision Plan Video

Group Number: 487775
Telephone Number: 1-800-877-7195

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Flexible Spending Account

FSA Video

Group Number: 2514557
Telephone Number:  1-888-868-FLEX

Basic Life Insurance

Basic Life Video

Group Number: 525987
Telephone Number:  1-866-679-3054 or
1-800-887-2180 TTY/TDD

Voluntary Life Insurance

Voluntary Life Video

Group Number: 525987
Telephone Number:  1-866-679-3054 or
1-800-887-2180 TTY


Group Number: 55512111
Telephone Number: 1-800-401-8726
(Retirement Specialist)

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Employee Assistance Program

EAP Video

Group Number: 0055125
Telephone Number: 1-800-854-1446
Telephone Number Spanish: 1-877-858-2147
Telephone Number: 1-800-999-3004 TTY/TDD

Forms and Documents

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The Better Health Evaluator from WebMD is designed to help you practice talking to your doctor. It helps by asking you questions and providing you with some questions for your next doctor visit.   

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